promotional poly-bag packaging

May benefit your brand, and attract your target client.

food & beverage poly-bag packaging

Help you to protect your foods, extend the expiry date

eco friendly packaging

How can we make eco friendly poly-bag packaging ? There are several options you can choose.

packaging printing

Color analysis of professional poly-bag printing. Most client would use Pantone and CMYK. We can provide specific suggestion for your artwork.

packaging lab test

Our lab and quality, concern International standard. It helps work more efficiently and reduce product failures.

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About Us

Hip Shing Poly-bag Industrial Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1972 and built up our mainland factory from 1998.




poly-bag packaging FAQ

You may also want to know : Basic purposes of packaging, advertising & promoting purpose, physical protection, modified atmosphere packaging.



poly-bag packaging artworks

How to prepare your artwork ? You may use 8 colors concept. Such as using 3 Pantone color for your logo or backgrand, then 4 colors are printing photos (except on white)



poly-bag packaging materials

Choosing a suitable material for your product. Some packaging requirement you may know, e.g. thickness, transparent, and which functions are your product need.