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Baked Goods and Moon Cakes Packaging Bag

Baked goods include bread, pies, donuts, moon cakes, etc., and their shelf lives are relatively short unless frozen. Their packages provide humidity control, cleanliness, handling protection and display on the shelf. They are mostly packed in OPP film, LDPE film, or packed in greaseproof paper packaging bags.

Moon cakes have a high oil content and a relatively long shelf life. They are mostly packaged in KOPP, KPET or KNY bags, which more effectively control moisture, resist oxidation, and maintain product flavor.

Regular packaging bag material for baked goods and moon cakes:

  • Simple Bag:OPP bag、LDPE bag
  • Antioxidant Bag:KOPP、KPET、KNY + LDPE film
  • Oil-proof Paper Bag:Wax paper, cellophane + LDPE film
Moon Cakes Antioxidant Packaging Bag

Antioxidant Bag

Baked Goods Oil-proof Paper Bag

Oil-proof Paper Bag

Simple Bag

Simple Bag

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