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Cereals, Rice and Spaghetti Packaging Bag

For packaging of ready-to-eat dry cereals, such as oatmeal, rice and spaghetti, they need to protected from changes in moisture content, loss of flavor components, and acquiring undesirable odors and tastes from the environment. Since the contents are almost never/rarely used up/finished at once, the zippered plastic bag is an ideal choice for packaging bags.

For rice packaging bag, the main functions of packaging are providing a large capacity and resistance to puncturing. Both LDPE film and LLDPE film are the most commonly used packaging films. If combined with nylon film; they can also achieve a vacuum effect/atmosphere.

Spaghetti and noodles are mostly packaged in composite bags made of OPP film, which are beautifully printed with wonderful matte and glossy effects.

Regular packaging bag material for cereals and rice:

  • Laminated zipper bag:PET(Matt、Glossy)+LDPE +Zipper
  • Vacuum bag:Nylon +LDPE、Nylon +LDPE Co-extrusion film
  • Good printing bag:OPP or PET + CPP
Rice Packaging Good printing bag

Good printing bag

Spaghetti Packaging Good printing bag

Good printing bag

Cereals Packaging Laminated zipper bag

Laminated zipper bag

Laminated zipper bag

Laminated zipper bag

Rice Packaging Vacuum bag

Vacuum bag

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