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Coffee and Tea Packaging Bag

Coffee is usually sold in the form of coffee beans or instant coffee. Coffee beans and tea require excellent barrier parts in their packaging, and aluminum foil bags with one-way air release valves or paper-plastic composite bags are more commonly used packaging bags. Instant coffee is mostly made into small packages with aluminized film or aluminum foil composite film on automatic packaging machines.

The packaging materials for tea are similar to coffee. They are mostly packed in aluminized bags or aluminum foil bags. In addition, some tea packages require a vacuum function, and nylon materials are added to the bags.

Regular packaging bag material for coffee and tea:

  • Moisture-proof Bag:OPP、PET + LDPE
  • Light-proof Bag:Metallic film、Aluminum foil + LDPE
  • Paper Laminated Bag:Paper/PET/LDPE
Coffee packaging light-proof bag

Light-proof Bag

tea packaging light-proof bag

Light-proof Bag

coffee packaging metallic film

Metallic film

tea packaging metallic film

Metallic film

Coffee packaging paper laminated bag

Paper Laminated Bag

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