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Cost Consideration

Packaging costs are relative to the overall expense of the product. Expenditure covers two significant dimensions. These include the cost of the plastic packaging film, the cost of transforming the film into a package and filling it with the product. The pricing is dependent, thus the need to create a balance by the packagers. One considerable aspect is cost minimization while prioritizing product requirements. Damage as a result of lack of protection, thereby limits the levels of purchases. The application of mathematical processes outline by scholars helps to calculate the required film thickness for protection against oxygen and water vapor. As a result, the costs of providing atmospheric barriers becomes minimized.

While considering protection against possibilities such as tampering, no formulas exist to help the packager. The only technique applicable is judgment. Apart from the provision of security at a minimum cost, the appearance of a packaged product next to its competitors takes place, regardless of differences. The use of aluminum foil is an example of cost/appearance management in packaging. Consumers associate aluminum packaging with the freshness of edibles. Therefore, its blooming image helps to sell the product. Improvement in aesthetics by the designer helps in attracting customers irrespective of the functional advantage.

For some products, cost dominates the appearance for example edible products such as rice, sugar, and flour. Large flour producers preferred the few cents cost saving rather than include a shrink film overlap that would create a cleaner and better package. Therefore, there arises a difficulty in obtaining solutions from the latter requirements of the box.

cost consideration packaging

Clearly there is no formula or particular conclusion to arrive at in regards to packaging products other than the general understanding that cost is always an important motive in deciding on packaging.