Drinks, Soups and Sauces Packaging Bag

In the past, these products (Drinks, Soups and Sauces) were mostly packed in metal, glass or plastic bottles. In recent years, composite packaging bags have been increasingly used in this field.

Because of the multilayer composite structure, they can simultaneously have oxygen and moisture barrier properties, reliable air tightness and good puncture resistance. For products that require light blocking and high temperature sterilization after packaging, composite bags can also meet these requirements.

We can select suitable materials for customers according to their product capacity, shelf life requirements and sterilization requirements, and the cost is much lower than that of metal or glass containers.

Regular packaging bag material for drinks and soups:

  • Spout Pouch:PET/Aluminum/Nylon/RPE (with spout)
  • High Temperature Sterilization Bag:PET/Nylon/RCPP (135°C sterilization)
  • High Barrier Foil Bag:PET/AL9/Nylon/EAA (Acid resistance)
  • Hot Fill Bag:Nylon + LDPE co-extrusion film
  • High Barrier Hot Fill Bag:Nylon +EVOH/PVDC +LDPE co-extrusion film
Soup packaging High Temperature Sterilization Bag

High Temperature Sterilization Bag

sauces packaging High Barrier Foil Bag

High Barrier Foil Bag

Drink Packaging Spout Pouch Bag

Spout Pouch Bag

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