Display and Communication

Transmission/transportation and presentation/appearance are different roles from the protective considerations and are often merged with other functions. For example potato chips in a bag, require an opaque bag to prevent the chips from oxidation catalyzed by Ultraviolet rays. Whilst pigmenting or metalizing the bag provides this protection it also enables the display of graphics on the package.Because the packaging only offers a minimum of protection special considerations based in marketing and beautifying are used enhance their appearance and provide eye-catching displays on the shelves of convenience stores and supermarkets.


In the present business world, manufacturers increasingly rely on packaging their products to attain appeal to the customers. For instance, there are no salespeople that influence the buyer’s choices, and most of the goods get displayed in supermarkets. Following the competition amongst the yen, dollar, or franc, visual appeal influences the customer purchasing schemes. Artistic graphics overshadow prints following their presentation in different attractive colors. Statistics indicate that impressions occur following the sight and perceptions of the customers. The approach also influences the costs of advertising.

Product Information

Together with the eye catching graphics on a package information covering the description of a product, the correctness of its usage, necessary warnings, ingredients, nutrition components, recipes, expiration dates, automated scanning and bar codes, not forgetting the product name, name of the manufacturer and the brand are not only crucial points influencing purchase but are mandated by law. The reputation of the producer has a strong influence on the sale.