Protection and preservation are vital roles of packaging after satisfying the functions of containment and dispensing . The degree of security required is determined by the product being packaged. The protection of all products in packages occurs to prevent the entry of external matter including rain, dirt, dust, and physical destruction by external forces. Delicate and/or perishable products such as food require safety from environmental factors, including light, moisture and gases necessitating a unique atmosphere within their packaging. The prevention of other hazards for retail products such as tampering or theft can also be attained through packaging.

Common packaging materials used in these processinclude paper, metals, plastic, and glass. However, by comparison, plastics are more versatile and perform better than any other materials.

Rain, Dust, and Dirt
All plastic films prevent the entry of unwanted materials. Visibility is also enhanced with the use of plastics. Essentially, no other packaging material is flexible, inexpensive, and performs better than plastics.