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Fresh Meat Packaging Bag

Fresh meat includes beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Meat packaging bag for beef must ensure that the beef remains red on the retail counter. People do not need to worry about the redness for pork and poultry, they need to extend their shelf life as much as possible. Fish products are very prone to enzymatic spoilage and produce toxic bacteria, most fish are sold in frozen form in vacuum packages.

At present, most fresh meat on the market is packaged in vacuum bags to meet the requirements of cold storage and preservation. Some fresh meat is packaged with plastic pallets and covered with films to prevent water loss and product pressure. In foreign countries, for the purpose of maintaining the delicate flavor of meat to the maximum extent/degree, three-layer co-extrusion molding high-barrier heat shrinkable bags have been widely used.

Regular packaging bag material for fresh meat:

  • Frozen Bag:OPP or PET+LDPE (-18°C frozen)
  • Vacuum Bag:Nylon + LDPE  (below -18°C frozen)
  • Thermoforming Vacuum Bag:Nylon +LDPE co-extrusion film
  • High Barrier Shrinkable Bag : EVA/PVDC/EVA three-layer co-extrusion
  • High Barrier Lid Film:Including PET、Nylon、PVDC、EVA etc.
Fish Packaging Frozen Bag

Frozen Bag

Meat Packaging Frozen Bag

Frozen Bag

Chicken Packaging Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Bag

High Barrier Shrinkable Bag

High Barrier Shrinkable Bag

High Barrier Shrinkable Bag

High Barrier Shrinkable Bag

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