Introduction to Plastic Bag for Food Packaging

Food is apt to deteriorate, over time, becoming less palatable, losing its nutritional value, and becoming dangerous to eat. To minimize this process many foods are sterilized with heat treatment after being packed. Other foods use refrigeration for sterilization to slow the growth of bacteria and prevent food spoilage. Plastic film can provide many kinds of protection required by perishable foods and reduce the food spoilage phenomenon continuously at low cost.

Food processors are responsible for the health of consumers as well as their business profits, so, they keep looking for packaging materials that can meet all their needs and at the lowest cost.

As a plastic food packaging bag supplier, we provide our customers, food processors, with suitable protective packaging materials to extend the shelf-life of food, maintaining food flavor, saving on packaging costs, and provide reliable packaging solutions.

Regular packaging bag material for films:

  • Printed form films: OPP (matte, glossy), PET (matte, glossy)
  • Barrier form films: aluminum laminated films, aluminum foil (filtering), PVDC, EVOH (anti-oxidation)
  • Functional form films: nylon (vacuum), RPE, RCPP (high temperature resistance)
  • Sealing form films: LDPE, LLDPE (low temperature sealing), CPE, CPP (high transparency), EVA (tear-off film)
Meat Packaging Frozen Bag

Frozen Meat


Vegetables & Fruits


Milk & Cheese

Laminated zipper bag

Cereals & Rice

Antioxidant Bag

Baked Goods & Moon Cakes

Snacks & Biscuits


Drinks & Soups


Coffee & Tea


Seasoning Powders & Instant Powders


Steaming Heated


Pet Food

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