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Since its establishment in 1972, Hip Shing Poly-Bag Industrial Limited has gained the reputation of a poly-bag manufacturing firm with a distinct target market. Hip Shing has managed to strike equilibrium between consistencies of a giant manufacturing firm with the welcoming sensation of a minor firm. This balance has assisted the company to achieve distinctive capability as an effective business, or client, companion in the poly-packaging industry. Thanks to our capacity to meet any poly-packaging needs of our clients, we have earned a great reputation for delivering exceptional customer services, which drives our sustained growth.

As a flexible packaging material company, we provide professional packaging solutions for different industries, such as food, medical, catering service, daily commodity, electronic, toy… etc. Our guarantee to command precision and exceptional service delivery that matched your needs helps us achieve your satisfaction by meeting all your needs. Just rely on us to meet and exceed your expectations.

Hip Shing is one Hong Kong’s principal full-service factory of plastic bag, packaging & wrapping and films. Our range of merchandise includes conventional industrial packing and exceedingly improved user packaging and novel exceptional films for technical functions. Our company has a global reach as large industrial companies as well as manufacturers of renowned brands from various sectors entrust us to meet their packaging needs and offer sustainable solutions.

Hip Shing

Our customer’s trust is our asset

We offer dedicated solutions that meet the distinct needs of our customers using innovative technologies. Our company seeks to meet the unique needs of our customers through direct collaboration in our premises and away from our facilities to establish customer satisfaction, which is our main objective.

With a wide range of experience and extensive technical knowledge, we continually augment our products to ensure that they are innovative and environmentally sustainable while collaborating with our partners. Hence, we strengthen our competitiveness in the market.

Every production process focuses on the BRC quality assurance system as well as the ISO 9001. Therefore, we ensure that our clients receive safe and suitable products that are a result of wide-ranging checks and assessments, which guarantees our company sustainable success.