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Processed Meat Packaging Bag

These products include frankfurters, sausages, luncheon meat, bacon, processed chicken nuggets, etc. Unlike fresh meat, the red color of processed beef products is maintained by adding special ingredients such as salt, spices and sodium nitrite during processing. The processed meat packaging bag must functionally, fully protect against oxygen absorption and water loss, and extend shelf life as much as possible, which is necessary for a long distribution chain and the irregular purchase patterns of consumers.

Therefore, processed meat is mostly packaged with multilayer composite films, which can be vacuumed and frozen, and the multilayer film combines the high-quality barrier properties of materials such as PVDC, EVOH or nylon, which is a common choice to meet the requirements of long shelf life.

Regular packaging bag material for processed meat:

  • Frozen bag:PET + LDPE (-18°C frozen)
  • Vacuum bag:Nylon + LDPE (below -18°C frozen)
  • Thermoforming Film:Nylon + LDPE co-extrusion film
  • High barrier thermoforming Film:PVDC or EVOH +LDPE co-extrusion film
  • Lid Film for plastic tray:Nylon or PET film
Lid Film for plastic tray

Lid Film for plastic tray

High Barrier Thermoforming Film

High Barrier Thermoforming Film

Frozen bag

Frozen bag

Processed Meat Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Bag

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