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Our aim is to always give priority to quality. For the entire production process, material control, and various laboratory tests, we follow strict rules. The major procedures have been thermoforming or extrusion with the help of numerous artificial or ecological polymers and many food manufacturing systems. The features of the saleable plastic polymers are highly reliant on the processing conditions, and have been channelized/ for the finalization of the product.

Plastic packaging applications form an integral part of the business sectors and comply with food packaging norms. Whenever plastic is used for food packaging in the market, the quality of both food and packaging products slowly decline due to transportation, storage and distribution, and declines further while presenting it to customers. The suitable packaging materials are backed by advanced food packing procedures, this helps in extending the quality, and thereby helps in increasing customer satisfaction and compliance to safety norms.

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The types of plastic packaging materials which are used in food products are very intricate and are specialized for personal food items since various kinds of food products are found in the market. These items include cooked or raw, frozen or refrigerated, animal based or plant based, solid or liquid, and so on. Additionally, the food items which are eaten or served by several methods, such as hot, wet, cold and oily. Hence, the packaging of food plays a vital role in up keeping the safety and quality of foods in the whole life cycle of both the packaging commodities and food items.

To enhance and evolve a plastic food packaging system as a suitable fit for specific food items, many features and properties of packaging materials should be tested from numerous dimensions such as morphological, electrical, physical, rheological, and so on.

An improved comprehension/understanding of features and properties of packaging materials will offer basic knowhow to narrow down the suitable material selection to ensure the primary functions of packaging: security, safety improvements, superior external design, quality assurance and features.

Currently, superior packaging techniques designed for strengthening the technical function of the packaging procedure have been aggressively introduced and developed. These new fashion inclinations in the food packaging area include the following techniques: modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), active packaging, biosensor embedded packaging, microwave worthy packaging, eatable packaging, intelligent packaging, radio frequency identification (RFID) packaging, Nano-based packaging and various other types of packaging.

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Furthermore, these new techniques are still confronted by the price of materials, efficacy of workers, processing time, matching abilities with the existing procedures, probability for mass production. To surmount the obstacles and maximize the usage of new packaging techniques, it is crucial to estimate numerous features with suitable examination systems and to offer a pertinent quality assurance for personal food items.

Thus, we have approved several kinds of procedures to fulfill quality stability, including morphological, thermal, physical and appropriate primary evaluation processes which are explained in the following parts.