Snacks, Biscuits and Candies Packaging Bag

Snacks include potato chips, biscuits, candies, etc., for which packaging films are the most widely used. Snack food are mainly packaged in composite packaging bags. The most commonly used materials are OPP film, PET film, aluminized film, and LDPE film.

Because oxygen combined with ultraviolet rays will accelerate fat oxidation, aluminum foil is often used in packaging bag to block light and oxygen for some potato chips and biscuits with high fat content and long shelf life.

In the automatic packaging process, chocolate and composite chocolate should avoid the influence of heat as much as possible, so cold sealing film occupies a dominant position/role in this packaging application field.

Regular packaging bag material for snack foods:

  • Moisture-proof Bag:OPP、PET + LDPE
  • Light-proof Bag:Metallic film、Aluminum foil + LDPE
  • Special for Candy:Twist film, cold seal film, cellophane
  • Paper Laminated Bag:Paper/PET/LDPE
Biscuits Packaging Paper Laminated Bag

Paper Laminated Bag

Candies Packaging Moisture-proof Bag

Moisture-proof Bag

Moisture proof Bag

Moisture-proof Bag

Snacks Packaging Light-proof Bag

Light-proof Bag

Moisture-proof Bag

Moisture-proof Bag

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