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Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines (VFFS)

VFFS machines function under a three-step process. The first creates pouches from a web of flexible flat heat seal material; fills these pouches with the intended product; and gets them sealed within a single, on-going operation. It is possible to either use these pouches as the main package or insert them into cartons in order to add an extra layer of protection during shipping and warehousing.

In the majority of VFFS machines, the bars constituting the cross-seals consist of a Nichrome wire that serves as the page for an intermittent electric current to pass and heat the bar to an appropriate temperature. It is necessary to carefully regulate this temperature as well as the dwell time in order to supply heat at an ideal temperature for long enough to get the plastic melted without overheating it. This is required to avoid overheating which can cause the film to pucker in an unattractive manner or even burn through.

VFFS machine

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Machines (HFFS)

This method of packaging is exclusively used for solid items which can be inserted into the filling tube and thereafter, the formed film tube. The film is fed over a hollow former for creating a tube. After a product is pushed into this tube, the latter is sealed simultaneously on its longitudinal seam using rotary fin seal wheels.

HFFS machine does make a pillow pouch; however, it is possible to adapt the machine to form gusseted bags shaped similar to a rectangular parallelepiped in order to accommodate larger sized objects. Additionally, such machines could be loaded with devices for drilling holes into the top seam for packages hung on racks, as commonly seen inside the store.

Rather than feeding a HFFS machine with a single folded and subsequently, sealed web, two webs could be fed/scaled on all four sides after the addition of the product. Using this technique, the packager has the flexibility of either using webs produced from two completely unrelated materials or the ones that are made from the same material, but with different embellishments.

HFFS machine

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