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Pet Food Packaging Bag

Dry pet food is mainly packaged in large and flat-bottomed packaging bags with zippers are popular. This bag is beautifully printed, has good heat-seal, wear-resistant and oil-proof properties, and can hold up to 25 pounds of products.

Some semi-moist pet foods with a moisture content of less than 35% need to be packaged in bags with moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier properties.

Regular packaging bag material for pet food:

  • Metallic Bag:PET/Metallic film/LDPE (Zipper with slider can be added)
  • Foil Bag:PET/Aluminum Foil/LDPE (Zipper with slider can be added)
  • Oil-proof Paper Bag:Paper/LDPE/Aluminum Foil/EAA
Pet Food Packaging Mini Pack

Mini Pack

Pet Food Packaging Moisture-proof Bag

Moisture-proof Bag

Pet Food Packaging Foil Bag

Foil Bag

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