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By Industry

Baked Goods

These include sweet goods, rolls, pastries cakes, pies, doughnuts, etc.
Due to their short shelf life, packaging is used for three purposes only – unless frozen:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Display
  3. Moisture control

Most of bread and rolls packaging are the 80 micron LDPE bag made off-line by converters on pouch machines and sold to bakers for filling and mechanical closure. This bag provides the necessary functions described above and is easily resealable.

In order to ensure improved moisture control, specialty breads with lesser moisture content are double wrapped. The inner wrap entails the combination of cellophane/OPP/ waxed paper, whereas LDPE with a mechanical closure is always the outer wrap. Meanwhile the packaging of cake doughnuts takes place in OPP as opposed to LDPE. Small cakes either make use of acrylic-coated OPP or a coextrusion with the E-P copolymer/PP/EVA structure.

Baked Goods packaging

Baking Mixes

Baking mixes need to be safeguarded from door build-up and moisture. Here, a nylon/LDPE co-extruded bag replaces an LDPE bag in a box overwrapped using EVA-coated paper. This replacement leads to a lower cost.

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Baked Goods packaging