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By Industry

Beverages and Other Liquid Food Products

Packaging beverages and liquid Food are done in rigid containers prepared from plastic/glass/metal. In this domain, two inroad plastic applications are

  1. Plastic pouch for milk
  2. Plastic pouch contained inside a paperboard box

This package is a polyethylene bag fitted with a plastic dispensing spout; inside a paperboard box offering protection against puncturing; carry convenience and surfaces for graphics.

Newer developments of EVA films, PET films, metallized films, and laminated combinations expanded this concept to many more food products and much larger packages – up to 330 gallons – for the institutional market to which most bag-in-box packaged products are sold.

Below table illustrates the variety of products, sizes, and constructions found today in this package concept. It also shows why a good oxygen barrier is now an important requirement for many bag-in-box packaging applications.

beverages packaging
liquid food packaging


The single serve package for condiments: mustard, ketchup and salad dressing found in all food service establishments, airlines and hospitals is a complex multilayer structure that provides oxygen and moisture barrier, reliable hermetic seal capability and good puncture resistance. Two structures are used that meet these requirements: LLDPE/tie layer/foil/tie layer/PP and OPP/white LDPE/tie layer/olefin copolymer/acid copolymer

Acid copolymer used for high acid products such as ketchup and mustard that do not need high oxygen barrier. It avoids leakage problems encountered with the former.

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