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Cookies and Candy

Like salty snacks, moisture barrier is a key requirement. A moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of 0.1 to 0.4 g-mil/100 in2-day is usually needed. For products with high fat content, oxygen barrier is also needed to avoid rancidity, and films with the necessary moisture barrier usually have an adequate oxygen barrier as well. Multilayer films meet these requirements.

For crackers packaged in boxes, HDPE/EVA or OPP/E-P copolymer films are typically used as the inner wrap. Laminations and co-extrusions are used for box overwraps or bagged products, wherein OPP is used as the primary element.

On the other hand, PVDC, nylon, and EVOH impart the requisite barrier whereas ionomer, LDPE, or EVA provide the seal layer. Aluminium foil and paper are used frequently in plastic-based laminations. In particular, aluminium foil is used for attaining the ultimate feature in oxygen, moisture and freshness that enable soft cookies to have a fresh baked flavour.

cookies and candy packaging
cookies packaging

Candy and Gum

Chocolate requires an MVTR less than 0.5 g-mil/100 in2-day, an oxygen transmission rate (OPV) less than 5.0 cm3-mil/100 in2-day-atm, a light barrier, and a seal layer that can be activated at temperatures close to room temperature.

The OPP based structure Lacquer/ink/white OPP/PVDC/cold seal dominates this application. The cold seal material is a water-based emulsion of a natural rubber latex.

Bagged candy is packaged in OPP/LDPE bags or other constructions based on OPP. Gum, with each stick wrapped in foil laminated to coated paper, is bundled with an outer wrap that is a lamination of paper, OPP or cellophane, and adhesives.

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cookies and gum packaging